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As soon as possible inform the doctor that death has occurred. The doctor will issue the Medical Certificate of Death.

If the death was unexpected, you should dial 999 and ask for an ambulance and police immediately. Contact us and we will make initial arrangements for you.

How to Register the Death

The first thing you do when someone dies is to register the death. Who can register? The death can be registered by a relative or friend of the deceased, a relative in attendance during last illness, a person present at death or the person arranging the funeral. You need a Medical Certificate of Death document.

Information you will need for the registrar

Date and place of death, full name of deceased, date and place of birth, occupation and home address and if married we will need the full name and occupation of spouse.


You will get a certificate for the funeral director, Social Security Certificate (State Pension) for DSS offices. You will also need copies of entry of death for banks or insurances.

For more information or wanting more advice

Please visit: Bereavement Advice Centre

If the coroner is involved because the death is sudden or unexpected registration will be delayed until a cause of death is ascertained. In all cases we will advise you when and how to register.


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